Barat An Lar


Coastal Settlement on the Northwest Ostral Sea

Eager to begin, Jarjar the halfling barely stopped at the hunter's camp and continued eastward with his mastiff, Oatmeal, until he could smell the salt in the air and hear the waves of the Ostral Sea crashing over the sandy dunes. A little further down the road, he could make out the stilted shanty homes of Gorsen. He approached cautiously, but with curiosity nonetheless. The wood the houses were built of was highly weathered and sun bleached so that they roughly matched the grey of the overcast sky. Fishing nets and sea sponges lay strewn over surfaces and covering damaged rowing boats were the only decorations save for the occasional large wooden spool of coarse woven rope. 

Near the shoreline a circle of spears carefully forged with tips that resembled spiraling conches caught Jarjar's attention. As he went to get a closer look, he passed a small shack and failed to notice the shadowed figure standing on its roof. The figure dropped down after Jarjar passed and slashed at him with a small curved sword. Fortunately Oatmeal had noticed the motion and began growling before this, giving Jarjar just enough time to jump aside. In the light, the creature could be seen as a squat, scaley, toad-like humanoid. It let out a clicking chirrup that made Jarjar's hair stand on end, which was then echoed by two other voices in one of the stilted homes.

Oatmeal nipped at the leg of the monster, creating an opening that Jarjar jumped at. With a strong swing of his hammer, he struck the creature on the head. It crumpled in a slump in the sand, and Jarjar turned to face the two other creatures now running down toward him. As they came up to him, both swung their curved blades at Jarjar which proved too difficult to evade; two slashing cuts to both of his arms left him in bad shape. Oatmeal bit and mangled the calf of one, but was unable to catch the second.

Fortunately, Maeve the half-Orc and her mastiff had followed close behind Jarjar. Seeing the advantage the creatures now had over her fellow bounty-hunter was enough invitation for her to join the fray, and she came up behind the second creature as it backed away from the biting mastiff. With a single deft swing of her mace, Maeve made short work of the stout aquatic beast, and gave Jarjar a nod. The last remaining creature had begun backing away toward the water, trailing a dark violet blue liquid that was gushing from its mangled leg and making awful gurgling screeches at the two adventurers.

Pleased with this final turn of events, Jarjar took a moment to use his water tome to recite a healing incantation then casually walked toward the monster. He opened the tome to another page and began reading another passage. As he did, water rose in a strand and swirled in front of him. He read the final phrase of the passage and the water stream dashed forward in a bolt through the head of the creature which then fell back into the water.

Jarjar and Maeve took a moment to look around the area, Steve was able to recover a razor sharp reinforced arrow, and Jarjar found a length of strong rope that he decided might come in handy, as well as a scroll of sundering. Upon return to the hunters camp with some items from the settlement to prove their success, the two heroes were paid 90 gold pieces each. 



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